A Vision in Process

Welcome to a vision in process!  Mother/Daughter team Pauline McKenzie-Day and Alexis Pauline Gumbs are combining their superpowers of love, empathy, intuition and profound service  to create an inspiring model of healing, support and celebration for people giving birth!  Hooray! Like all superheroes, we are committed to serving those people who are most in need of our services focusing especially on women of color, queer families and oppressed people who otherwise might not have access to profound support and intentional advocacy during their birth experiences!

Imagine yourself in a kidde pool, a birthing tub, or even a hospital bed surrounded by people who love you and believe in you.   Alexis is reading a poem she wrote just for this occasion.  Pauline is feeding you ice chips and supporting your back as you feel the universe contracting within you affirming life.   There are pictures of your ancestors in the room and special flowers you chose for this day.  Music is playing that brings peace, power and passion to your spirit.  During a break between contractions you are rewatching the video Alexis made with affirmations from your family and friends from around the world who are so proud of you.  Maybe Pauline leads your already born child into the room to show you a new picture about deep breaths for the baby, and then she leads the child back out of the room to continue making art to welcome their new sibling.  Alexis has already let the healthcare providers know your specific comprehensive birth plan and is making sure that YOUR vision and your needs are always first, before the habits of the hospital or the shortcuts that the doctors or nurses may be used to pressuring folks into accepting. Now Pauline is having an affirming heart to heart with your partner, one of your parents, your sister,  reminding them that they have the power to bring their best energy into this space vibrating with new life and infinite possibility.

You are giving birth with abundant support, because birth is a transformative miracle, because you are a transformative miracle and you deserve the best space possible to affirm life!!!  We have your back!

This is the vision of the Dynamic Duo Doula team!  Interested?  Contact us at lexandpauline@gmail.com!


Alexis and Pauline (the dynamic dou doula team!)