We believe that people who give birth are among the bravest people on the planet.

Giving birth in a time where the medical system is used to control people as much as it is used to help people is a task that takes  courage, intention and resilience.   Pauline educated herself about birthing options and practices after being convinced to have an unnecessary c-section when she was giving birth to Alexis.  She went on to give birth to Alexis’s younger siblings Ariana and Jared vaginally with labor coaches and careful chose doctors who were more respectful of her own birthing plans.

As an act of healing for ourselves and ancestral healing for our ancestors who have given birth, often without the respect and support that all people deserve, we bring this practice into the world as an affirmation of those of us who transform the meaning of life by opening up the world.   Our practice is grounded in a reproductive justice framework.  We believe that the power of women and our right to reclaim our bodies is under attack.  Unfortunately birth is one of the battlegrounds on which women of color, queer parents and oppressed families in general are systematically disempowered.

Our mother/daughter full circle birth doula practice is unique because not only do we provide support with creating a birthing plan, birth itself and bonding time with your child after you give birth, (and two doulas are even better than one!) but we also create a custom process with you and your chosen/given family to

  • contextualize your birth experience as an intergenerational healing experience for you and your known and unknown ancestors
  • create a process for everyone you love to make an affirmation (that we will make into a group poem, video, website, paper-quilt etc) that you can have with you through your pregnancy, during your birth and forever!
  • create poetry, dance, and music specifically for you as an act of love for your process

This mother/daughter doula practice is an act of love for ourselves and each other and for our communities.  We also know that services like this have often only been accessible to the very rich.  We know that everyone deserves a love-filled birth experience and we will work with you to find sustainable ways to partner with you regardless of your financial situation.


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