Before the Birth

We will have a series of meeting with you and your chosen partners and supporters at home to:

  • get you started on exercises, practices and reading suggestions to help prepare for birth
  • support you in designing a comprehensive birthing plan
  • work with you and your family to generate an empowering healing context for your birth experience
  • meet and build relationships with your other children
  • connect you with other parents with birth experiences that fit your vision and or the challenges you expect

During the Birth

We will be on hand in the birthing center, at your home or in the hospital to:

  •  help you set the space to meet your vision and support your miracle
  • have your back (and either side)
  • surround you in a circle of positive energy
  • provide physical support/relief and anything you request
  • to make sure the medical/healthworkers respect and honor your birthing plan and your needs at all times
  • affirm you in song, poetry and dance if you want
  • care for your other children
  • support your partners and family through the process so you can focus on the miracle at hand!

After the Birth

We will check in after you have given birth to:

  • support you in breastfeeding (if relevant)
  • help care for your other kids so you can have bonding time
  • help care for the baby so you can have time to yourself
  • present you more love poems and mixtapes to affirm your process
  • to provide whatever support you request

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