We love birth.  And we also know that the love and attention we bring to birth is needed in moments of rebirth and growth across our lifetimes.   Lex and Pauline are available to do mother/daughter workshops for groups of women, people of color, queer people, allies and  loved ones.   We love to cofaciliate.  We love to design experiences together.  We especially love working with intergenerational groups.   We are MOST available to groups in our home cities, Durham, NC and Atlanta, GA, but we can be persuaded to travel for the right event.

Here are some events that we have recently co-facilitated.  Get inspired and reach out to us at to collaborate!

July 2012

Rebirthing Ceremony for the Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference

We had the honor of facilitating a rebirthing ritual for the participants in the Life Balance and Wellness Conference that closed out  an inspiring weekend of transformation.   Our role was to facilitate participants in sharing and witnessing each other’s insights and affirming each other’s continued journeys in clarity and wellness.   We used partner exercises, dance, sound, poetry exchanges and all of our love to create an unforgettable experience.   Check out one participant’s description of experiencing our activities below!

March 2012

Love Overflow: Marvelous Menstruating Moments (an intergenerational workshop)

“When you first realize your blood has come, smile an honest smile, for you are about to have an intense union with your magic.” -from Marvelous Menstruating Moments (as told by Indigo to her dolls…) in Ntozake Shange’s Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo

In Durham, NC the Dynamic Doula team co-facilitated a special love-filled workshop for kids who might be about to menstruate or who have started recently and for their mamas/aunties and main supporters called Love Overflow: Marvelous Menstruating Moments.  It was a daylong intergenerational workshop with play, affirmation, storysharing and special spaces just for mamas and just for young folks to process their relationship to the physical, spiritual and social transformations going on at the ever-exciting time of puberty.

Read more about our process of creating this workshop here:

January 2011

Thicker Than Whatever: Unstoppable Mother/Daughter Relationships

In Atlanta, GA at the historic MotherHouse (former home of the National Black Women’s Health Project/Imperative and current home of reproductive justice organizations SisterSong and Sisterlove) we co-facilitated the first ever Thicker Than Whatever: Unstoppable Mother/Daughter Relationships workshop and it certainly will not be the last!  Mothers-daughter dyads, sisters and individuals from Nashville, Charlotte, Brooklyn, DC, Atlanta and Asheville spent a day releasing fear, declaring love, practicing trust, listening and affirmation towards a queer friendly model of revolutionary mother/daughter love!!!
Read more about the first Thicker Than Whatever Workshop here:

and here:

Our second “Thicker Than Whatever: Unstoppable Mother/Daughter Relationships” workshop was in May 2011, designed especially for teen mothers and their mothers in Atlanta served by the organization Families First.


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